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I live at **** Beach, Tiny Township, Simcoe County (North), Ontario.Until 2010, my ONLY internet ISP option was BELL DIAL-UP ----ridiculously slow - OK for email "words" , but impossible for any photos or YouTube video, etc.In 2010, a ****, ON-based company, ULTRA FAST WIRELESS began offering a somewhat faster alternative via Microwave relay towers from ****, 50 miles south of **** Beach. This "new" service cost abt $970 for equipment & Installation, and $50 per month for 2 gigs per month, plus an extra $15 per month for each additional gig.So, quite EXPENSIVE and still way too slow for any video transfers -- only small photo files were transferred in an acceptable time.There is also a Satellite internet connection available, but the heavy tree cover makes many properties unable to locate a clear line-of-sight to the satellite's low on the horizon location.ROGERS Cable (the old ****-Hunter Division) only installed Cable TV north to the 13th Concession of Tiny Twp. over 25 years ago (I live at the 19th Concession). I went to the local ****-Hunter office to request an extension northward of their cable system, but was told tha t they could not obtain the permission for extension of their service area from the CRTC, and 25 years later, nothing has changed. BELL CANADA installed a fibre-optic line to the Village of ****, to the 533 Exchange building on the 16th Concession, but Bell has not improved the local phone lines the 3 miles north to **** Beach, since they were first installed in the mid-1960's.Thunder **** is a community of over 250 largely seasonal vacation homes, but has a rapidly-increasing number of full-time retirees.. **** Beach has some of the the most expensive property values in north Simcoe County, with a majority of the water-front homes valued at $1-2 million.Thunder **** is not the only beach area suffering through terrible internet connectivity speeds and high prices ----all the individual beaches on the TINY TOWNSHIP peninsula, north of the 13th Concession have the identical problem, as do the First Nations band on **** Island, who use the same microwave relay internet system that I use.I am pleading with the CRTC to please force a solution for this problem. Our full-time residents and new retirees, and our seasonal cottagers, mostly from the GTA, would like to have the same internet connectivity quality and speed as Ontarians in Toronto, Oakville and ****.