Intervention: Intervenor 43

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As a resident of rural Manitoba (18 km west of ****, MB) I am absolutely frustrated (and angered) at how poor internet service is in my location. MTS has no internet service here and in conversation with MTS they do not plan to provide any either. We have tried a number of different avenues (cellular, satellite, RF broadband) and found that the only way to get even semi-reliable internet service is via Rogers cellular. I had to invest in excess of $1000 in hardware to receive signal only 18 kms from the tower! REDICULOUS! We can achieve maximum speeds of between 0.10 to 0.50 mbps average download and approximately 0.10 on uploads. Satellite was even slower.I am fed up with having to pay $110/month for slow internet service. I live so close to a large centre and can't get anyone to provide a good service. The CRTC needs to step in and get the ball rolling to get rural Manitoba out of the stone ages.It's not funny when I can go to a remote rural community (fly-in) and all the homes have high-speed broadband (for free I might add) and I'm relegated to crappy, ultra-expensive cellular internet 18km from a major city!