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I believe that Canadians are paying too much for too little service in all areas. Internet download speeds are very expensive for decent service, and the upload speed is no usable at all. The highest upload speed I have seen is 5MB/s in a $100 package with 60 MB download speed. I use online backup systems, youtube uploads in the future and more as a web developer and this is not usable - upload speed and download speed should match. This is probably the most troublesome area for me.For cell phones, I have switched to wind due to the lower price and great US roaming deals which is great now, unfortunately the service area is not the greatest (but I am sticking with it).Since I do not watch TV often (and when I do, my condo has a deal with Rogers that the 'VIP' package is part of our maintenance fees), I am not sure if pick and pay is the best way to go, but I believe over the air should still be left free and open. Honestly, I would have cancelled cable if It was not part of my condo fees. Also in regards to TV services, the internet (and its tv/movie options) should be regulated for Canadian content (and honestly, I do not think regular TV should be either - a show is good or not).I hope that with this research, the basic telecom services in Canada will be improved.