Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 328

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I want to see third party internet service providers offer fiber optic service to the home, sooner rather than later. Just as when first generation dsl rolled out from the incumbent, it was wise to eventually view and treat the technology in the same light as analog modem dial up technology, for which no monoply was or should not ever have been granted to incumbent providers. So I see the fiber optic technology as similar, albiet an improvement on the same technology. In fact fiber optic voice/data technology has been around and in use commercially for at least a decade prior to dsl, well before there was a useable public internet. So it's not as though the incumbents have any special sauce research for which costs of development of fiber optic tech need to be recovered. The incumbents are standing on the shoulders of giants, leveraging proven tech, while wantng to lock out competition. Monopolies are not a good thing.