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What services are necessary to participate in the digital economy?-freely able to access any legal online resources without blocking, capping, throttling. - What kind of upload and download speeds do we need?- When other developed nations have consistent, average speeds that are many times greater, for half or less the cost, the question is more why we are failing to provide something close in Canada. The excuse about population density and size does not apply in our cities.Should there be new funding mechanisms for upgrading telecommunications?- yes, right now it seems market forces and regulations do not encourage this competition, and it is only the major providers that are able to do upgrades. This is an oligarchy, not a healthy market.How should they be regulated?- perhaps similar to the TV model...basic cheap access cost e.g. $20 per month including any modem. High speed services should be uncapped from a bandwidth and usage perspectives. Especially with usage caps as they discourage using the service in the first place. That is not healthy for education and business growth.I also want to share a disappointing experience. On **** 9th I attempted to watch the NHL game Flames vs. Kings via the NHL/Rogers web service. I have a 25mbit connection with Telus. The video quality was so poor, that the service I got on my cel phone was better. I live in a few enough neighborhood that has a Telus substation a block away. I am not why the quality was so poor, but if Telus and/or Rogers cannot deliver a reasonable quality hockey game online, there is a big problem.