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Rural residents in the U.K. finance and run their own 1Gbps symmetric fibre network. It could be a model for providing broadband Internet services in rural and remote areas. would require providing federal equity crowdfunding laws that allow people to finance infrastructure. Equity crowdfunding legislation in the U.K. that makes possible what these rural communities are doing in the U.K. should be examined. generally, an online national minibond market could fund infrastructure on a larger scale if anyone in Canada could invest in infrastructure anywhere in Canada. people most motivated to provide infrastructure are people in the community who need it.Provinces and Territories could capitalize Provincial/Territorial banks to loan themselves money for infrastructure via the Bank of Canada. infrastructure loans, Provinces and Territories could also use a national online minibond market to partially finance Provincial/Territorial infrastructure projects.Cities could also offer bonds tied to property tax payments via this market to finance communications infrastructure (e.g. municipal broadband fibre networks). broadband infrastructure in cities can provide the infrastructure for making phone calls over WiFi: of the benefit to the country, infrastructure loans could be low interest rate or no interest rate loans. Infrastructure is an investment that, if properly implemented, improves the economy (e.g. reducing commute times, putting less expensive property within commute distance to a city, broadband infrastructure that allows video streaming, e-commerce, etc.). lack of competition in Internet infrastructure leads to many problems: