Intervention: Intervenor 136

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I live at the **** end of Galiano Island. Our telephone service is provided on 2 channels (2 pairs) interfacing with the Conklin decompression unit which takes the two lines in and divides each into 24 lines. The compression and decompression make it impossible for us to obtain high speed internet, even cell reception is spotty and that option for internet access is unreliable. Though we paid for high speed internet from Telus for over a year, the top speed at which we ever connected was 19.8kB which is a snails pace for today's busy websites. I am completing this form using a wireless connection to a cell phone while signal is present. The cost of cell internet is quite high and is, by all accounts, very unreliable across all of Galiano Island, as is cellular service generally. All of this is even more of an issue given that Telus is less and less able to reliably repair the Conklin units and are using parts from hither and yon. We also understand that a number of channels on our 2 pairs of incoming wire are no longer usable. All so say that with unreliable land lines and intermittent cell signal, an aging population in our community is being left with uncertain access to emergency services, let alone access to the digital world.