Intervention: Intervenor 149

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The CRTC has done nothing to allow fair access to the INTERNET except to give companies the right to extort the working Canadian. I can watch a 2.5 gig YouTube video in two minutes, but can not move a 25MB file in less then four hours. When moving this file that is traffic shaped to 1200 baud rates, you can't even view email or any other function that maybe necessary during this time. Where is the fairness? Call them up, the response is CRTC allows us to do so. I don't care to watch videos, I care to satisfy my employer. How can my government say watching TV IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN WORKING. If I want to learn a new database and attempt to download that package the CRTC allows the isp's to stop this, as the traffic monitoring slows the process down so much that the systems time out. Why does my government want to stop me from learning? From being a productive tax paying citizen? Why do I not have the same rights as all CANADIANS?The packages that ISP's now offer a limit on the amount of data that the grandkids use up in no time. Because I have five grandkids that use my Internet I must pay extorted rates? How is this fair in a my country? Internet services determine fair access, by only allowing one child per household? Oh you can always pay for more data, but at rates that put electricity bills to shame.. Fairness? No, friends in the city have no traffic shapping, better then baud rate speeds, prices that are reasonable and package sizes that if I even came close to, would be over a thousand dollars a month.. All in the name of CRTC fairness. What happens when the kids want to learn something useful, I have to say no as our government does not allow people in the country reasonable access to the Internet as your friends? What is happening to allow our government to do this to Canadians? Classifying people by Internet access? The Haves and have not? Who can work and who cannot? And this is considered fairness? In my country Canada. Have three ISP providers, MCSNET so out dated, the kids will not use, only used for work email only as you can't move a file in any reasonable amount of time to complete a job, not acceptable to any employer. Explorenet, traffic shapping data limited, that kids use up in half a month, then is totally useless as I refuse to pay their extorted rates for more data. It is a 10MB per second package where at most I get is 3MB ON A DOWNLOAD for 40 seconds, then throttled to 1200 baud rate, with unbelievable fee to drop. A company that over sells what they deliver. And finally Bell. Bell's LTE Internet service than is 50 dollars for the first two gigs used, then stops the service so you can accept further charges no matter what important work is being done at that time. Call them up to ask why they stop the service, CRTC says we have too. WHAT? Why can't they send me a notice, why when working the CRTC says it is fair to stop that file transfer tell them how much they owe and to start again so that I owe more, as that transfer was interupted and at these prices they will not mine paying twice.. CRTC says it is fair, for whom?Again the CRTC rules, are only allowing companies to extort the working Canadian, to classify whom can work and who can learn, to what end CRTC? Fairness, for who, equality for lower class tax paying people?Call Explorenet to complain, OH, but TV WORKS OVER THE INTERNET, come on, if I want to watch TV, I WILL use my TV provider.James HoganRaisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceFairness, good governance, equally for all Canadians. TV, is not the only item the Internet is for. Stop the extortion. Find out why the CRTC has ruled the way it has, to know my government is working for CANADIANS, Not corporate lobbyists.