Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 455

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In rural Alberta we have NO access to fibre optics although we are less than 2 miles from where the latest installation ended. It is only available in urban centres. We have to use an air card or "hub" at great expense. My husband and I are both retired. We use our laptops for communication with family and friends, on line banking, scheduling volunteer activities and researching activities and repairs. We would love to use Net Flix or other streaming services but cannot. We do not live in a remote area, we are two hours from Red Deer or Edmonton. It seems like a penalty to chose to live in a smaller community but have no access to better services. Telus is the service provider for most of rural Alberta but they have not shown any interest in having us included in their construction plans. The cost to have broad band by hub and air card is over $100.00 per month for the maximum download we can get. I hope CRTC can promote our needs to Telus or any other fibre optics provider, they would have willing customers delighted to purchase their products.