Intervention: Peace River Regional District Area B (Intervenor 172)

Document Name: 2015-134.223638.2379818.Intervention(1f0@201!).html

I appreciate the efforts of the CRTC to improve the communications for rural and remote areas. More assistance is needed to help the internet providers serve in areas of the Province that are uneconomic. In northeast BC we are faced with an explosion of work forces in the rural and remote area that are and will be increasing stays in work camps. The workers will be in on a shift rotation basis and will require and desire the ability to connect with their distance families via email, skype etc. The long time residents of the area are finding that they have only intermittent reception and transfer of data due to the high number of users to the system. It is very frustrating for them when they realize that it is due to the increased drilling and the work to meet the LNG requirements for Petronas. Bell is working on erecting towers that may help, but due to the remoteness of the area and the difficult economics of providing service, are limited to what they are able to provide. Northwestel has been using the SR500 phone and it is now unreliable and outdated with little ability to obtain parts. The long time residents rely on the internet for education and ability to order parts as well as social networking. I hope that you will consider the concerns of the residents in their needs to be and stay connected. I am writing as the elected representative of Area B of the Peace River Regional District.