Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 681

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Every house, where technology permits, should have the choice of choosing the internet type they want: Cable or DSL. Some builders in Ottawa (Minto) get Bell and Rogers to bid for newly built houses and one of them will have connections to the newly build house but not the other. I bought an apartment in **** Mills by Minto 5 years ago and I was not aware that Bell could not provide its services to my area. Therefore, I live in a modern house, in an expensive city which is the capital of Canada, and I am forced to accept Rogers cable as the only method of broadband internet into my house. We all know that cable internet has congestion issues and although I am subscribed to a 60MB downloads package, at peak times my internet would go down to 5MB and even less. If I had Fibre Optics or DSL I would not have such issue. As a solution: 1- Builders should not be allowed to do the biddings. They have to be forced by the Government or CRTC to allow both DSL and cable services to reach the newly build houses.2- **** Rogers and Bell have to provide the necessary infrastructure to allow us to connect to the internet with the way we choose to.