Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 511

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I am a Canadian citizen living in Ottawa. I currently have Bell internet package Fibe 25, which is supposed to provide me with 25mbs download, 10 upload, and 125gb. However I have regularly tested my speed on their website and compared the testing with other speed testing sites, and the results is always below the indicated speed they supposedly are providing. I am very dissatisfied with the dishonest policies by the internet companies taking hard working Canadians hard earned money. They are being dishonest about the service and not providing the customer with that they are paying for rightfully. I expect the Government of Canada to monitor, and enforce fully strict laws and regulations to make these internet companies to abide by the rules and provide the exact service they are marketing and telling the customer what they will received.Please amend the laws to make it more strict on Internet companies to provide the best and always honest service to Canadians. Thank you!