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I have to keep this short. I am a IT professional so I think I have at least some knowledge (understatement) of the working of networks and the Internet.I feel that Internet should be a utility and not a "priviliged access" as it turns out to be in Canada.(Just try and use Internet on your mobile device.. 60 bucks for data per month for a starter????)I can compare Internet in Canada with the Internet connections provided in the Netherlands and to sum up the Internet connections I have sampled in Canada are generally lower quality, overpriced.I would not be surprised if there is a cartel between the major players as they all seem to be price locked. That wouldnt be so bad if they are price locked at a low price but I am paying 69 dollars for 25 Mbps at the moment (example) Even on a wired connection there is no way I am ever reaching 25 Mbps so that is another problem: Companies selling (and making you pay a royal fee for) a type of bandwidth that you will never ever reach.Further there is no Network Neutrality. I have actively noticed my provider throttle down my 'high speed' 25 Mbs (yea right) to something like 2 Mbps (at most) on Netflix. Because of this I have had to invest in a VPN connection, which definitely help.Also as a customer I am concerned with the attitude against Netflix, Hulu and competitors by major players in the Canadian market. Because of this I have seen my Internet bill rise 20 dollars over the last 2 years or so. I feel this trend will make me pay 120+ dollars for a crappy 10 Mbps connection within 5 years, when everybody has thrown their cable out.Ways to fix:* Enforce network neutrality* Curb telecom CEO's bonus arrangements* Responsibility for telecom providers to document the dollars invested in upgrading and maintaining their network * Encourage new players in the market (Network neutrality: welcome Netflix, Hulu etc instead of making Netflix go into arrangements with telco's so they can please please have a reasonable connection to households) * Have a basic starter package (With maybe 1 mbps) that includes basic TV channels for 20 bucks or less. So less tech savvy people can still have access (Internet as a utility)Im sure there's a lot of other things to be said, but as said I'd like to keep this short,