Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 339

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I live in the rural area of the City of Ottawa. I originally used a local ISP but the service was slow and eventually they couldn't get a signal. Then I turned to Bell modem off a cell tower but this was discontinued with the towers being converted for cell use only. Now I use Bell Mobility via modem off a cell tower with a maximum download of 3 GB per month for a base price of $45 before taxes or other charges, better known as Bell Mobile Internet. I also had to pay for an external antenna to receive the signal.Through Bell speed test today I am getting 1.11 download speed and 1.27 upload speed. With software updates, virus definition updates, checking my e-mail and the news, sports and weather, I always have overcharges. If I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10, I would use almost all my monthly data allowance.Another anomaly in the system is my Bell Mobility signal comes from Quebec, so if I visit a store or fill out a form on-line, it automatically thinks I am from Quebec and gives the site as a Quebec location and in ****, rather than ****.The City of Ottawa had an initiative to get the Internet to rural areas a few years ago but options appeared costly. I live only a few kilometres from a village which has regular internet, but our local community of about 200 people outside the village is not considered economically viable by the major companies to offer regular internet service and the city has abandoned us.If we are all going to contribute and gain from the digital economy, areas such as mine, will only be included if the government intervenes and offers incentives for the major ISPs to extend their service or orders the extension of service. Ironically, the money they make from me now offers an excellent profit for little investment and actually is more of an incentive not to extend regular service. If we want service at all, what choice do we have? A minimum regular internet service by Bell Fibe offers 50 GB at up to 15 mbps for $25 more. Now that would be a dream. With the overcharges I have paid during one month, I could get Bell Internet Fibe 300 with speeds up to 300 mbps and a data cap of 750 GB. So I think the rural areas have been paying a lot more for a number of years with little reward or chance of improved service. I find it amazing we cannot enjoy the full digital experience in the outlying areas of the City of Ottawa, the nation's capital. I know my neighbours feel the same way but also feel helpless to get the major ISPs or government to extend the service so, we too, can be a full partner in the digital world.