Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 770

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..."the Commission seeks to ensure that all Canadians have access to a world-class communications system and that they are able to participate in the digital economy..."I would like to submit to the Commission that it has been failing Canadians for some time, in that the above does not currently exist. I moved to a moderately rural location 5 years ago. I live only 45 minutes from a city centre (Kamloops, BC). Since that time I have frequently been without any communications services, which has affected my access to 911 and had an impact on my ability to earn an income as well as care for family members and enjoy quality of life. I knew that cell service was not available at this location when I moved here and was actually looking forward to having a landline once again after 2 years of having cellular only. If I had know how difficult life would be, where my phone service was out of service or intermittent for weeks and even months at a time, while I had an aging parent in another community who I needed to call frequently, I would not have moved. My landline service is unavailable or intermittent (i.e. undependable) on average every 6 months, for anywhere from a few days to months at a a time. There is no reliable cell service for 15 minutes drive. VOIP quality does not really make it a good alternative at this time. What is a person to do? I know now of many others locally with similar problems. We are able to complain to the CRTC but as the provider does at some point make a 'repair', this is an ongoing carousel of our time.The government of Canada needs to do something - never mind being able to participate in the digital economy - this is a safety issue - I am completely without access to 911 when the landline service is down. I have a great satellite internet service (thank-you xplornet) which so far I can afford and thats great - I only hope that I can continue to afford it. I love living where i am but the strain of no reliable voice communication has been considerable. This problem needs to be resolved. It is apparent that my local service provider is either unwilling or unable to provide the necessary infrastructure to provide reliable service; a system that requires significant repairs every 6 months is obviously in need of significant overhaul. I don't personally know what the solution is but we need reliable communications here in rural BC - it is impacting our safety as well as our ability to participate in the economy and enjoy life. Or at least, we need to dispose of this idea that "Canadians enjoy world-class communication" and let it be understood that there is no reliable phone service to some areas - if I had know that, then I could have chosen not to live here, but I was duped by that belief and the visible Telus landline service in the area. Please do something to resolve this issue!Thank-you.