Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 481

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Regarding the CRTC request for participants for online opinions,I'm a permanent resident of Canada originating from the united States, many of my personal circles overlap in tech professionals. I am from the country that hosts Google Fiber, and routinely cheaper rates than Canada and is often used in comparison. While I understand the population overall in Canada is much lower, and the challenges of reaching those in remote locations, it perplexes me why a province like Nova Scotia is only in part covered by fibre optic lines (surely with $200+ bills from providers for telephone and reasonable speed internet alone can pay for this) or reasonable coverage. Why is it that local governments throughout Canada are unwilling to invest in this very clear necessity for economic expansion? I can't comprehend the hang up. Why is it Canada as a whole hesitates on throwing open the doors to comm companies that will invest in infrastructure and invest in programs that will make Canada's economy competitive? You have excellent tech programs in universities, so it seems sensible to encourage new telecoms to take up residence in our country. Currently, competition is stagnant, your population is being gouged (even with breaking up channel selection) decent communication for employees and employers is a rich investment, especially for private homes. When will you step in and be proactive?Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceIf chosen to appear I would opt to present wl how lack of internet communication impacts predictions on the move, those whoand comparisons to US