Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 450

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I live less than 80km north of **** International Airport. There is virtually no access to high speed internet service in my area, no cable no fibre, no high speed phone lines. We are restricted to low capacity (40GB max.) cellular access. This is very expensive and makes running our small business difficult and costly. We have no options for television other than satellite again very costly for poor service. We would stram television over the internet but the cost is prohibitive.It is time that all Canadians have equal access to unlimited, high speed data internet connections at equal pricing in all service areas. Providers should be required to provide this as a term of their operating licences. Some limited financial assistance could be provided by government in the form of loan guarantees and/or tax credits so that providers can build the required infrastructure to fulfill this mandate. Strict timelines must be enforced for the completion of this vital service.By doing this more small businesses and entrepreneurs could more easily set up operations in rural areas and help stimulate the economy in those areas. Digital services are becoming an increasingly crucial tool in all aspects of Canadian life and the unequal and unfair distribution of these services in not indicative of our Canadian values. Increasing access to these service can only improve the economic development of this country.