Intervention: Intervenor 128

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I find it interesting that the CRTC finally cares about internet speeds and prices consumers are paying. A few years ago I brought to the CRTC's attention that despite years of Telus increasing the cost of my mother's internet service, her speeds weren't increasing (1mbps). It got to the point that she was being charged what Telus would charge for 7mpbs but she was still receiving just 1mpbs. What's more infuriating is that Telus sent her a new modem because it "would allow her to take advantage of higher speeds" although they didn't increase her speeds. They misled her into believing she was getting higher speeds, charged her the rates for higher speeds but she didn't get them. And the CRTC's (and other "regulators" said this is out of their domain. Since when is ripping off consumers and poor business practices out of a regulator's domain? So I applaud this effort and hopefully it cracks down on these poor business practices.