Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 308

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We need to promote high speed internet access in rural Canada, there are a lot of areas where there is only one choice. And we are being forced to pay rates way higher than urban areas as long with making do with service which is barely adequate. Along with paying higher rates for sub-standard access we also must continue to pay for satellite tv services as our internet speeds are not adequate or reliable enough to access downloading or streaming to use alternate services such as netflix or any of the other alternate services. Same with using alternatives to phone service provided via the internet, so even if we wanted to eliminate the price of a home phone we could not. Also providers should be forced to actually provide the speeds and service that their package advertises! Please see uploaded files to show our actual speed received, on today, a good day compared to what package is advertised to be. We often endure service outages and even slower speeds.