Intervention: Palliser Regional Park (Intervenor 236)

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Poor and no existing cell service for areas in Palliser Regional Park. I am writing this at 4:00 a.m. as it is when I can receive service. We had a fire in Horse Shoe area of the park that has no service. Patrons are constantly driving to the top of the hill from the Marina to get cell service. This is an inconvenience. There is limited service out on the lake as well. Thank you for looking at these considerations.Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceWe need corrective action at Palliser Regional Park both for EMS, Fire and Policing Services in order to make this park a place patrons want to come back to for emergency services, not to mention personal use such as banking, personal business, and general activities used by all cell phone users in this digital age.