Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 518

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Our household is rural but on a provincial highway (#24), between 3 built up communities and less than 6 km from fibre availability. Though national providers have continually promised fibre service is available or coming nothing has changed over the past few years. If we build a 25 m tower we may get tower services from a smaller vendor. The frustration we have is threefold; the national providers always promise dates when Fibre or other improved services will be available but they do not deliver on this promise; we pay incredibly high costs for mobile service because my spouse works from home and relies on reliable internet to conduct business; we are in the heart of southern Ontario, it's incredibly frustrating to hear relatives in sparsely populated rural **** Bretton have better options for internet than we have here. I can assure you the fees we pay ($100's per month) over the past five years would cover the cost for the national provider to deliver the service. But why would they when they can collect high fees without capital outlay or oversight to do so. It's incredibly frustrating to think moving to an urban area is the only way to be adequately connected in southern Ontario.