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HelloMy service provider for next to basic Internet is Shaw. I live in B.C. I have compared my billing statements for the past 2 years (August 2013-August 2015) and have noted that, with a coming Aug. 2015 increase of $3 for High **** 10 service my monthly payment will have increased from $50/month to $62/month. This is a 24% increase over two years. I am on a CPP Disability income which has been between 1.1 and .9% for the same period. The math is not hard to figure out. I am on the verge of unplugging from the Internet altogether. I don't want to though. $62 per month X 12 months is $744 plus taxes of $89.28 = $833.28. **** pricey for a digital signal. It would certainly be greatly appreciated if the Government of Canada put into legislation its caring for its citizens.Thanks for the opportunity to hear me,Roderick Stewart