Intervention: Intervenor 96

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Earlier this month I queried the CRTC as follows:I'm wondering if the CRTC is going to follow the lead of the U.S. and make free unlocking of cellphones mandatory by service providers. Making it illegal to unlock a cell phone that you have bought and paid for is blatant disregard for private ownership and should not be allowed.I received an answering email which said, in part: "The Commission has determined that it will allow market forces to guide the industry due to the competitiveness of the retail mobile wireless voice and data services market."This SOUNDS good, but in fact the small number of cellular providers in Canada have no difficulty in agreeing about which items to compete on and which are to the advantage of them all. Locking a cellphone that is purchased as part of a contract for service with a particular provider is one of these. They all do it and relying on competition between providers to make it legitimate is not a workable solution. The fact that U.S. legislation has recently deemed it illegal as well as unfair illustrates my point.