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I live in a rual area and in fact do have access to internet only by dial up and cell tower. But do not have high speed internet access. But in fact there is high speed access less than 300 meters from my home. I have tried for years to talk to someone from telus to extend the this service farther up the Barriere lakes road in Barriere BC. Their reply is that the communications box where the service ends is to new to replace that would provide access to high speed internet on our road!! In this day and age this is unacceptable and I now need high speed internet for my work and feel that we?i am being considered as a second class citizen because of where I live even tough I have been a telus customer for over 40 years.Second The BC liberal government promised high speed access to everyone in BC. This may be true in that they say they will give a grat towards satellite internet if there is no other alternative, I apparently do not qualify for this grant. It is also my opinion that this satellite access is just a money grab and we are being taken advantage of by being forced to use this option..I want High speed access through telus.