Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 599

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The CRTC MUST intervene in the ever rising prices on land lines, cable television, internet service and cellular telephone services. It is well known that these services are much higher in Canada than elsewhere in the world and this price gouging must stop. My family relies on these services for both work and school, along with communication between ourselves and our children while they're outside of the home. In an ever increasing dangerous world, we require that our children check in with us when they're on their own. As the cost of living continues to sky rocket in Canada; our only family entertainment is internet/cable television and we will soon be faced with giving it up entirely. When faced with having to choose between heat, groceries and internet/cable - it's the latter that will have to go. Though it doesn't constitute high savings; we have just recently switched our entire home plan from Shaw to Telus in order to send Shaw the message that we are sick to death of their greed. We no sooner made the switch and Telus turned around and imposed internet usage restrictions for our plan. On a side note; with main stream media being so blatantly biased, we rely on various internet sites including government websites for obtaining factual information pertaining to Canada and the world.