Intervention: Intervenor 118

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**Regarding Rural Ontario SWIFT Project**Dear Secretary General,I moved to **** County a little over three years ago and ever since the move, I’ve often regretted my decision to leave the city. My regret is not based on the higher property taxes, the questionable schooling, the horrific road conditions, the lack of public transportation / sidewalks / street lights, nor the fact that water must be purchased (it is not a right), nor is it even the five recently erected wind turbines; which have all but destroyed my property value - a direct of result of Ontario’s ill-conceived, **** Energy Act. None of the aforementioned deficiencies has been keeping me up at night. What has been a thorn in my side, is the fact that it’s been over three years now, and I’m still unable to run my home–based business, from home! My single wish would be to have fast, rural internet connectivity.I have looked over your coverage map and I’ve noticed that Haldimand, Wentworth, Welland, and my home of **** County, are all absent. Please tell me why none of these regions have seemingly made the cut? Let's please not waste any effort, nor tax dollars, on another ill-planned initiative that would be doomed to fail from the onset. To this latter comment, please recall the three main reasons for the failing WiMax initiative: 1) the cost per Gb is outrageous (no unlimited offerings); 2) the service is entirely unreliable (frequent dropped connections); and 3) the service areas are too narrow. It should be embarrassing for the CRTC to learn that I was able to secure much better, far more reliable, and cheaper internet connectivity in Tenerife - a small dot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! How can this possibly be causing us so much effort?Please do this right!Best regards,William Martin