Interventions Phase 2: Harbourfront Eye Care (Intervenor 587)

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I am deeply concerned about the oligopoly Rogers, Bell and Telus are allowed to operate. We simply need more competition. The collusion and price fixing they are afforded is unfair to Canadians.We need fibre to be installed in Toronto and other major cities, preferably by a crown corporation (like in Saskatchewan and Manitoba). Notice how the big 3 telcos have lower prices in those provinces.The infrastructure being built can create jobs, and the recurring monthly payments by subscribers will help feed government coffers for years to come. PM **** wants to invest in infrastructure. Let's build up our telecommunications and help Canada become a world leader in technology once again.Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearance1. The benefits of a crown corporation operating our telecommunications.2. The price fixing and collusion by the "Big 3" telcos.2. Fibre's role in revolutionizing health care.An appearance will help delve into these issues further, and allow for an illustrative conversation.