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Hello,I currently live within the city limits of Ottawa, and cannot get "high" speed internet. I can get internet, but it doesn't meet the convention speeds.According to ( There are 5 providers in my area, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Storm and Xplornet. The mobile services offered by Bell, Telus and Rogers, as well as the satellite service offered by Xplornet are not economical for todays standards, with multiple PCs, gaming consoles and TV services all being offered online, their data caps on these services aren't even close to being adequate.Rogers also offers "wireline" service. When I inquired about this, Rogers would offer to bring a physical cable connection to my house for a business, if it was cost effective. With a $65000 + price tag, they deems it not cost effective.When I contacted Storm, they no longer offered service to our area.With Xplornet, I tried to get their WireMax technology. The first technician wasn't able to get me connected as I didn't have proper line of sight. The second technician said I 30 ft mast would have to be put on my roof to get connected. They then got me connected with their "deprecated" technology (Canopy) which has been spotty at best. Every time I call to get support because it's down, I've been asked multiple times if I can cut down trees between myself and the tower over 1000 ft away to improve my signal. Even when connected, Xplornet boasts that they are providing a 5MB service, which they are not (, as it's a 5MB service for the first 6MB and then a 900kbps service for the rest. We can't do more than one thing on the internet at a time.We currently have VOIP Service, and the phone barely works because of the internet.Current internet packages from rogers and bell are about the same price ($75/month) for 5 and 10 times the speed and more than enough data for today's standards. Xplornet's packages for satellite are not even comparable.While Roger's site says that my postal code is services, when contacting Rogers directly, they say the specific address is not.The service for my area, isn't up to today's standards for competition (xplornet has a monopoly) nor service.Thanks,Matthew CarrieAll this to say, no the speeds in my area are not adequate to today's technology