Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 378

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I believe the removal of usage based internet (UBB) would be beneficial to Canadians as much more media content is and will be transferred over the internet.A minimum speed of 25Mbps, with a requirement of how that converts to megabytes (or other explanations of the speed, such as how long it would take to download 1GB, or a game/movie) should be required in advertising.Perhaps some advertising funds/grants for virtual internet providers (companies that piggy back off of major ISP's) would be good to let Canadians know there are more choices. Rural Canadians that only have access to cellular or sattelite internet: - Much higher bandwith caps than are what's provided now by cellular providers (smart hub products, internet keys etc.). Currently these users pay much more for about 10% of the data transfers they get in a month vs. Wired in/home internet.As well as a subsidy/resource site for cellular boosters to ensure they can gave a reasonable I ternet access.-As far as usage based billing/UBB goes. If this is to stay, I believe it would be fair and benifical to customers to have a real time tracker for how much data they have left for the month, as well as an immediate cut off once the limit is reached. Rather than have a $50 overage limit before a cut off (similar to cellular limits which are exploited by cellular providers now).- Ladtly for UBB/limiting the data transfer in a month. Rather than laying overage or being cut off, have the data limited to 3Mbps. This speed is enough for banking, email, research, news, any anything else that's essentially a requirement these days. It would keep things slow enough to prevent any network strain (which is a dubius claim in most cases).