Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 494

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I live in SOUTHWEST NOVA SCOTIA... and our BRNS internet servixe is so bad I can not operate a business on-line. we can not have two persons using the internet and have any sense of decent reload times for pages. I might as well as make a coffee while pages are loading. NETFLIX.. whAT IS THAT?? SKYPE>> we have tried but it is so painful. I have been told by our now LIBERAL McNeil government .. that it was the NDP government signed off on the non-completed contract.. leaving us with abysmal service and capped usage at 15GB.. YES FIFETEEN GB.. not even the 50GB in your survey question.. I have been told by our nice government that therE is nothing that they caN DO.. TO ME IT SEEMS SIMPLE...... sue the company!! we are being taklen for all it's worth and getting NOTHING IN RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!! we are guaranteed UPTO 1.5mbps... we would be lucky to hAVE 0.5-7mbps most days.. weather affects the quality as we are using Wi-Fi signals from cell towers when the mandate in the beginning was to have WIRED SERVICE along major routes and CELL TOWERRS for those in more remorte areas.. I GUESS nova scotia IS CONSIDER remote.. i GUESS i WANT REMOTE PAY FOR LIVING HERE AND HAVING TO PAY $300/ MONTH JUST FOR SERVICES CUSE i CAN'T BUNDLE ANY OF IT..