Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 427

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•What telecommunications services do Canadians consider necessary to participate in the digital economy? I live in Rural Northwestern Ontario (Dryden) and have experience working in the telecommunications industry. I can, without a shadow of a doubt, say that the most important telecommunications service that Canadians need is Internet. It is what the whole home is centered around and where the majority of the demand is coming from. •Which services do Canadians rely on the most to communicate?As mentioned in the first question, in order to participate in the "Digital Economy" the most relied upon service is Internet. This service is going to only increase in demand, especially in the underserviced areas, as content creators and businesses increase their web presence and change how they do business. •Should the prices for telecommunications services in Canada be similar between urban and non-urban areas?Yes. If I think of my situation alone, I pay more for delivery of my Hydro than my actual usage. On a $170/month bill it's very frustrating to see that. That being said, the internet that we subscribe to is not the same as the internet that is available in major urban markets. There should be a price difference, without a doubt. Internet is quickly becoming an essential service and I think it's time we treated it that way. •What upload and download speeds for broadband Internet service would meet Canadians’ needs?Communication is changing rapidly and many people are now uploading information as much as they are downloading. 50MBPS Down and 20-25mbps Up should be a standard given market trend.