Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 501

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As more services, including government services, are moving online, broadband home internet has become an essential utility and so there must be some sort of regulation of prices. Basic internet must include a minimum of 10 Mbps download with higher monthly bandwidth usage and this should be indexed in the future as internet content is always getting richer. And despite what you have consumers believe, there is no competition in broadband internet service. There is only one infrastructure for DSL and Cable internet, much like there is only one natural gas distribution system. On the west coast, for example, it's only Telus and Shaw that provide broadband internet and these two companies are in cahoots when it comes to pricing. Shaw raises internet prices every 6 months!! How are these companies allowed to get away with that??? It's pathetic. Broadband internet now has to be treated like landline phone service used to be and much like electricity and natural gas with respect to price regulation. How are people in this country supposed to innovate with a lack of basic, minimum broadband speed and monthly data limits?