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Hello,I would like to say that in my opinion we are forced to pay too much for Internet access. We are a small family of 4 and we need the Internet for work, school and just keeping in touch with community and friends. It is now an essential service for us (just like the telephone was 40 years ago) and we are forced to pay exorbitant prices and to bundle services we could easily do without. In our particular cases we pay (per month):$50 for Hydro$115 for Natural gas (heating and hot water) (3000 sq. ft. home)$150 for cable (Internet 50Mbs.sec, Personal TV and phone)I enquired about de-bundling our Cable service and this would only lower the cost to about $135 (including taxes) for Internet ($90) and phone ($30) services.Considering that hydro and natural gas are resources that need to be produced (extracted) and delivered to our homes it represent tremendous value compare to the service our cable company provides – they only need to provide access (a conduit) to the Internet and other service providers.In my opinion the Cable and Telephone companies are allowed to demand exorbitant prices because they have monopolized access to telecommunication services and this hurts and limits all Canadians.Personally I would like to see prices more in line with the following: $50 Internet (50 Mbps)$20 Telephone serviceThanks for giving us the opportunity to comment on this important issue and for you work on this matter.