Intervention: Ward's Hydraulic (Intervenor 150)

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I am currently a business customer of Telus. The present speed I am receiving is is 3.5/1 (on the best of days). I have called to complain to Telus that this is costing the company I work for a lot of unproductive time, especially in our accounting department. They couldn't have cared less until I called the CRTC and found the stated guideline was 5/1, only then did they appear to be concerned and after a number of failed attempts finally did send a technician in that claimed to have fixed the problem. Nothing changed. Eventually the CEO of our company and others including me arranged to have a conference call with Telus. They basically told us that the CRTC can set up whatever guidelines they wish but they are not mandated thus they don't have to be followed...PLUS if I want better speed they do offer Fiber. I said how much is that, and of course they replied close to $1,000 monthly. I said my only options are slower than advertised internet for approximately $200 monthly or appropriate speed at $1,000. I said there must be something in the middle. They could not have cared less!! They had the attitude that any business should just willingly pay the $1,000!!I also called Telus to inquire about the speed pretending to be a new customer looking to set up a new business service and the sales rep guaranteed me that if I signed with them they would provide a speed of 6/1 guaranteed. I said you can confirm you could provide me with that speed for certain, I even said that I had talked to others in the unit and they did not feel they were reaching these speeds. The comment from Telus was based on all there information they can assure me I would be at 6/1Then I moved on to look at cable - Shaw. After 1 and 1/2 month I finally received the answer that if I want Shaw to provide my business with internet service it would only cost the company $65,000 (95%), however they would kick in $3,600 (5%). I apparently have to pay for the build because they do not have a cable that runs near me, although I am in the middle of the **** McMurray Industrial Park!!I am extremely disgusted with the outcome. As a regulator I felt the CRTC protected all business and or individuals to ensure we all could receive equal internet service regardless of our location. I felt this was the commitment the incumbent provider had to accept. Take the profit where it is plentiful but also provide equal services to those unfortunate business/individuals in more rural areas IF YOU CAN CALL THE MIDDLE OF THE FORT MCMURRAY INDUSTRIAL PARK RURAL!!!So here I sit watching the little circle go around day after day after day thinking of how many seconds delay it takes to perform my action times how many times per day I wait times how many people per day wait and wonder, why is this like this? Who is going to live up to all Canadians should have 5/1 by the end of 2015, and why the CRTC does not seem to be enforcing their own suggestions????Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceSPEED and ACCESS.... Nobody is listening to my written comments.