Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 607

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It is important for Canada to recognize the high-speed broadband needs of rural and remote Canadians. **** internet services, over 10Mbps, are a basic necessity to engage with the digital economies and worlds that are becoming vital to the present and future of Canada. High-speed broadband has been shown to be an essential tool for communication, with the ability to replace phones, mail, and fax.Strengthening rural and remote services should be done through a mixture of incentives and regulations. It is well known that Canadians are paying very high prices to, really, an oligarchy of telecom companies. Promoting competition has had only lukewarm success, so new regulations are needed to ensure affordable wide-spread services to all Canadians. Rural Canadians should have comparable prices to urban Canadians, but as is I would suspect telecom companies would achieve this by raising the cost for urban customers.