Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 581

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Canadians on fixed incomes (seniors, the disabled, workers on minimum wage etc.) need options for prepaid wireless that do not include expiry dates (see Presently, I am going to lose money on a pre-paid phone because my minutes are about to "expire." We no longer allow companies to expire gift cards and there is no reason TeleComm companies should be allowed to follow this draconian practice. I can't find a single option for modest cellular in Canada. I only need about $20 a year in minutes: why can't any Canadian Tel. Comm. companies provide me with affordable service? The answer: because they are not answerable to consumers...and that needs to change.(Note: Paid phones are no longer easy to find. I live in a rural community with sizable distances between towns and drive an older car. If I have a mechanical failure or emergency, I need a phone. But...I can no longer afford one. I am disabled and presently not working. Many others are in my position. If we organize our society so that certain services, such as the Internet and cellular phones, are no longer a luxury but a necessity for full participate in society we need to also make sure those "essential services" are not priced out of reach of the poorest individuals. And right now, those services most certainly are.)