Intervention: Intervenor 197

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Please consider the "basic communication" requirements and then how this will be achieved. For instance: basic phone line services-what is an acceptable level of service? Should everyone have access to 9-1-1 capabilities, even if land lines are 'down'? How will this be provided? If land lines are not consistently working what is the alternative? How will this be provided? Who will be monitoring? Currently the governments state that every Canadian will have access to Broadband service but when an individual inquires about that they are told that it is up to ISP's to provide in rural areas. So, how is an area that does not have Broadband or cable or cell service and that only has 'land lines' that are sometimes not even working because the lines have been 'stolen' or damaged supposed to get service provided?There should or needs to be a method to require/force services to be provided and they should be put to the top of the list or incentives provided to ISP's to speed things along.