Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 375

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What telecommunications services do Canadians consider necessary to participate in the digital economy?• Which services do Canadians rely on the most to communicate?Most of my communication is done by email, text and on rare occasion by phone.• Should the prices for telecommunications services in Canada be similar between urban and non-urban areas?As it is costly to install and maintain service to remote rural areas I think that the urban areas should see cheaper prices but the rural areas should not priced so high that it is affordable for the average Canadian house hold.• What upload and download speeds for broadband Internet service would meet Canadians’ needs?This is an interesting question because our telecommunication technology is constantly improving. I could write a speed here that seems reasonable now but in ten years will be obsolete. So instead I would suggest that the fastest possible proven technology should be available to Canadians so that we can compete in the global market. I also do not believe "Bandwidth throttling" should be legal in Canada. Such practices dishearten and discourage start-up companies, our youth and the average citizen. Where is the fairness in Shomi paying an ISP some money to slow traffic to Netflix and Canadians citizens suffering for it. Netflix as a company will be hurt and people will turn to other methods of getting entertainment, not necessarily Shomi. Many would just go back to getting it by pirating. In the end everyone has a negative outcome. This extends to other online businesses in other fields too. Domino's website takes half an hour to load because Ceaser's Pizza is paying the ISP. Please take this into consideration.Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.