Intervention: Smartstuff Enterprises (Intervenor 81)

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I live in Lillooet, a remote part of BC. We have little options for internet service, even if we could pay for better speeds and bandwidth. The maximum speed is 5-6Mbps, that coupled to low bandwidth caps limits my company participation in web development. I may have to move to a more populous area, which would negate my credibility in the field I am working in. My frustration is compounded by the internet provider's apathy. They have the technology available, the pricing structure is well in their favor, yet they refuse to upgrade their equipment/service to more reasonable high speed upload/download. We are sitting in a position where 3rd world countries are overtaking Canada in development and technological achievement due in part to this attitude. Outrageous profits are being made by the communications companies at the expense of development in other fields. Communications, including internet, is a service, not just an entertainment. Perhaps different price structures, speeds and caps should be applied to share internet between developers and home users.