Intervention: Intervenor 206

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My name is **** Smith-Worthylake. I am an Ottawa-based research lawyer with Cerebral Palsy. I wish to disclose that I have been a CRTC employee in the past. I was an analyst with the CRTC from 2006-2007. I have since worked for the Commission as a Casual employee or a Consultant on three separate occasions. Further I also wish to disclose that my sister ****-Anne **** is a member of the CRTC's Legal Sector. My comments below are my own and have not been influenced by my relationship with my sister or any of my former colleagues at the CRTC. I firmly believe that Canada needs Speech-to-Speech Relay Service (STS). STS is a service which allows people with speech impediments or other speech difficulties to speak directly to persons on the telephone with the assistance of a trained Translator who can either repeat everything the person says or only repeat in instances where they are not understood. This service is currently available in the United States, Australia and Sweden, and has been since at least 2006. It has never been available here in Canada. As a business person with a speech impediment I actively avoid communicating over the telephone because I fear that if clients or potential clients do not understand my speech impediment I will lose business. Having speech-to-speech relay would make communicating over the telephone much easier for me and other members of my family who also have speech impediments. Many of my friends could utilize this service as well. In Canada, this service could be funded through the National Contribution Fund which currently funds traditional relay service or video relay service. More information on STS Relay can be found at the following links: thank you for considering my request and look forward to appearing before the Commission. **** Smith-Worthylake, B.A. LL.B pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceI wish to appear before the Commission because I believe my speech impediment provides a good representative example of the type of speech pattern which could benefit from STS Relay. While my written comments may be sufficient to explain why STS is a useful service, appearing in person would give the Commissioners a chance to hear my speech impediment for themselves and further discuss the advantages of such a service with me in person. I would also give the Commission some further background on Speech-to-Speech Relay Service and the models used in some other jurisdictions.