Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 306

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The current model for home internet is broken. Companies are limiting both download speed and download capacity. I believe this is due to the cell phone data plans with their monthly data cap and has now been extended into home internet service which has historically been a speed based pricing structure. Currently internet service providers pay for their internet based on a maximum speed. Also, their speed is the same both up and down where almost all home services have a relatively large download to upload speed limit. Carriers should move to either a data cap model or a bandwidth cap model not both. I have been forced to pay for "unlimited data" because I do not fit within the current data cap of any home internet plan. Not only that but monthly charges on home internet has risen significantly over the past 5 years. For home internet use, a tiered speed cap makes the most sense without having to worry about going over. If a standard "gigabit" service could be offered across all of Canada then a data cap model would make more sense. Until a high capacity home internet service is standard across all areas (rural included) then the CRTC should be stepping in to protect consumers from double dipping internet service providers.