Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 584

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Notice 2015-134 - Notice of hearing 11 **** 2016 Gatineau, Quebec Review of basic telecommunications services. File number: 8663-C12-201503186I wish to support all service that leads to the protection of the freedom of information. Although service and customer service within Bell requires an absolute overhaul to reflect that data is a right not a privilege, I support Bell in its ability to live up to Canada's expectation. Entrance requirements should not include credit scores, geographical preferences or astronomical cash deposits. It should include better options for reuse and recycling of used equipment including but not limited to rebranding of service provider. The internet belongs to everyone not Bell. Please stop holding the internet hostage. Failure to comply will result in mass loss of Big Data, mass loss of customers, mass failure in education for millions and invoke a legal battle that may bankrupt and defame Bell forever. Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceI am an informant and an observer. I wish to participate as I disseminate the information to many interested parties. I have no personal gain in the matter as I am not a client of Bell.