Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 484

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I am a senior. I have had to drop twisted pair copper telephone service AND reliable 911 service in order to afford cellular wireless high speed internet. Mostbusinesses now almost insist on having wireless high speed internet service and endlessly hound customers to eliminate postal costs for them by switching to email or other online app services. Since they are a main push in forcing all customers to have high speed access they should be subsidizing the rural area wireless costs NOT the taxpayer.Wireless costs are ridiculously high. I used to have 4 local OTA TV channels reliably; At HD DTV conversion two (CBC & Global) were allowed (by the CRTC) to relocate and reduce ERP such that I don't receive them now. CTV is hit and miss OTA TV despite their staff emailing me that the coverage would be guaranteed the same as analog footprint was. CityTV is only one that is reliable and Local news has been discontinued because they laid off or fired their entire news department and simply replaced it with endless repeats of Cityline, **** Mysteries, & infomercials. So I have also lost timely reliable local news and PSAs. The data limits/costs on cellular wireless inet accounts is prohibitive to use inet streaming to use that as an OTA TV replacement. The satellite service that reduction of OTA coverage areas seems to have coerced us into having to subscribe to (not unlike gangland style protection rackets) is also prohibitively expensive. And to top it all off there is no guaranteed reliable 911 EMERGENCY service with any of these wireless options. The bandwidth and data thresholds are set to make the greatest profits for exec bonuses and shareholder dividends rather than provide full and adequate services to subscribers. I watched a local CFL football game one year in November using my laptop and a wireless connection and the LR TV as a display.A three hour game consumed 6 GB of data. That game got the team into the semi final. Had I done the same thing to watch the semi final game in the same month of November it would have been an additional 6 GB of data. And then the Grey Cup game would have been a further 6GB of data for a total of 18 GB of data over and above what would normally be my 15-20 GB data usage. My monthly bill was approximately $50 for the account, then usually $80 for data, another $60 for the cellular phone and an addition $20 to have a wifi stick I could use on my laptop plus GST & PST for a total of $237.30. Had I watched the 3 games it would have been an additional $10/ GB for every GB over the max $80 limit which would have amounted to an additional cost of $203.40 (taxes in) for a total bill of $440.70. This is ridiculous. Now if one is expected to do the same for many hours of news or other serious necessary video content the cost is ludicrous.My ISP currently is Bell Mobility and was Bell Sat TV, I have clauses in the agreements for the devices that prohibit me from using any VOIP services such as skype by adding an additional data charge of $30 / MB when those protocols are used. I was a subscriber to MTS Allstream initially and they could not provide speeds or data limits under EVDO that were almost always running in dial up speeds or worse. I swtiched to Rogers who subsequently partnered with MTS for coverage and that service eventually deteriorated to almost dial speeds as well; also they would just take away the connection entirely for hours at a time without warning. Like Bell the data costs were prohibitively expensive as were the limits. I had to live ubder limits of 8 to 15 GB's per month while urban folk I was in contact with were enjoying 60-90 GB data limits and bills less than 1/3 of my rural one. I then switched to Bell and although the speeds improved quite a bit the data limits made sure it was a very costly budget item for me every month. The replacement device program is sadly lacking; I have been without MiFi2 service since the end of November 2015 and still am today. It has been a circus just sending MiFi2 wireless units back and forth in mail the entire time never getting a fully serviceable unit as required by the contract. There was a problem with the software that CRTC requires them to notify me of a $50 limit being reached which sent me a text and voice mail message and disconnected my data service. I had to go in and acknowledge the message and the fact it was going to run the bill up over $50 in order to get it connected back up. I did as required but it never cleared th data block and they first blamed it on the hub device; (the new replacement did the same thing and was blocked) then they said it was because of the tower I was connected to ( I took the hub, and inverter and my vehicle at 1:00 AM and drove 50 miles west of me and tried connecting to every Bell tower without success then did the same thing 50 miles east of my residence and no success there either. Eventually after customer service reps just hanging up on me or rudely telling to not bother calling them for follow ups that they would call me I cancelled that service. During the course of talking to the various people involved in cancelling it became clear to me that the actual reason was related to the cancellation message required by the CRTC that was being blamed. In effect the blame was being intimated that the CRTC requirement was unreasonable and thus the cause; rather than the corp entity interests putting extra resources into developing a proper over data limit message system in the first place. The telephone number associated with that hub device was a 903 number which belongs to Bell. My neighbours also had a problem with their 4G LTE GM vehicle service which also had an assigned phone number in the 903 series which would indicate that OnStar may have had a contract with Bell in this area as well to provide that service. Like my hub they too had no end of troubles getting the promised data service working reliably. Their problems with the car system seemed to correspond with my hub problems as well.Clearly over many years the ISP providers have got their way from the CRTC rulings almost as if it just rubber stamped every request they have made with little regard for subscriber or customer service. In a like somewhat related manner to the topic of broadband at hand; the order to adjust the Satellite TV subscription services to be reformatted into pick and pay to reduce costs as an alternative to ridiculously high broadband data costs, the CRTC has made the step to do Pick & Pay but then neutralized any effect by allowing the providers a ridiculously long 2 year delay in implementing it due to "software concerns". These supposedly high tech expert corporations can't get efficient software to get their web sites to talk to the accounting folks or the retail outlets and they have had unlimited time to do that; allowing a delay to implementing pick & pay for that reason is not justifiable in my view.