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I think that it is ridiculous that I cannot get a decent internet provider in my area. I live just outside of **** Ontario and no other provider other than Xplorenet offers service. They are oversubscribed and the the bandwidth and speed or painfully slow. I am lucky to get 1.2mbps download and .2 to .5 upload. Not sure how they are allowed to call this "high speed". I would love to go back to dial up..I think it would be faster. Fixed wireless doesn't provide the usage amounts that I need for a month. I'm not a heavy downloader, only looking for 20 to 30 g per month. At this point I am charged over $100/month for a service that does not meet what was promised and they have now changed their ads to read.."up" to..which guarantees nothing. I am not in an isolated area..I should be able to get a decent speed from a provider. Neighbours around me have other providers but these providers have stopped offering new service.So for now I am stuck with an extremely slow to non existent service that I pay a high price and get no value. I am also afraid that this provider will just stop one day and I will be totally without service.