Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 727

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SaskTel helps other customers better I know someone got there landline plowed in with only 2 splices on the line. I have 4 splices on my landline the service is unacceptable . I called SaskTel repair 2 times on Jan. 1 /16 and Jan. 17/16 and no one has made an effort to come as they know its a bad landline. They do for certain friends which is rude and say we have no money to plow in new landline but I am paying $ 30.50 per landline fee for a very poor line and SaskTel should refund the money back as there service is improper to the customer. I have been a customer for 40 years and SaskTel ignores my problems voice your concerns to SaskTel with action.