Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 438

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1. Using tools that allow me to monitor and check my download/upload speeds, I have never come close to the advertised number from my provider.2. While realizing that the populations are quite different, I have researched other countries, especially the USA (where my daughter and her husband live), and the cost of Internet, cellular and cable TV services are much higher in Canada than in most other countries. I believe the reasons for this include a lack of serious competition in Canada and the greed of the mega corporations that provide these services.3. Noting that the CRTC instituted some tougher regulations not long ago, regarding things like contract lengths, the CRTC did not go far enough and gives in too easily to the lobbying of the mega corps.4. It is still too difficult for new firms to enter this market, both because of the lack of government and CRTC encouragement and support, and the fact that the "big" players hold all the cards.Thank you for this opportunity to share my views.