Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 463

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Hello, My internet is really bad ATM. It is really slow, I pay for 1.5m down 0.5m up but lately I'm lucky to get that, lots of packet losses, high ping times. It is so bad that web pages don't fully load. I've attached a couple PingPlotter files that shows you hours and hours of high packet losses and latency (ping times) and another from of download/upload speeds. This for the low (sarcasm) price of $65/month. My wish is to be able to watch the CBC News online with NO pausing and to be able to work from home during snow storms. Options: If I lived 2 country blocks west I could get fiber through Bell cannot even service me here with dial-up unless I want to make long distance call to connect. The only other options available here are very very very over priced services from Bell or Rogers through cell towers or another the high latency service through satellite Explorenet.Yous really need to MAKE ISP's give the consumer what they paying for, with none of this "fair access" policies BS like what Explornet has. ("fair access" policies > start downloading and you will-be down to dial-up speeds)Thanks.