Interventions Phase 2: HostingEh (Intervenor 535)

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Comment 1: 2: jist of both articles is that the wireless industry in Canada features some of the most expensive services in the developed world. Our carriers make record profits off the backs of hard working Canadians. The three telecom giants in Canada have no real competition and work together to keep pricing at staggering high prices.This country needs to get them in line and bring prices down to something more realistic. Carriers are worried about canibalizing their own internet offerings with affordable wireless data plans, but the world is shifting more towards wireless data today than ever before.The CRTC needs to step in and ensure that Canadians are protected from this predatory pricing that does absolutely nothing for the market. Services cost the exact same price at each and every carrier regardless of who you go with.The sad reality is the government is going to have to force the carriers to lower pricing.