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I do not live in a remote area of Canada. I'm right in the economic heart of Alberta. I am still waiting for some form of real internet access. Telus not only has no plans to ever upgrade their infrastructure they have allowed the current infrastructure to rot out and fail. Not only am I still unable to access regular internet, but last year my land line quit and I no longer have access to basic telephone service. I now only have marginal cell phone access and internet through cell phone data. The cell data is very limited. I must carefully monitor usage to avoid expensive data charges. It is extremely frustrating. Telus is deliberately using the monopoly power that you have given it to force us onto it's very expensive and very poor cell phone data. They are keeping Canadians in the digital stone age. I have friends who live in Kenya. When the come to visit even they complain about the cell services. Telecommunications in Canada are worse than even 3rd world countries.