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Regarding the state of high speed internet in Canada (Utterson/Raymond, Ontario (Muskoka area). ):I'm sending this on behalf of my parents who live nearby to Utterson on Old Parry Sound Rd. Access to the internet in my parents area is under-served and over-priced.- Even though they are only a short distance to wired telephone infrastructure, they have no access to wired high-speed DSL/Cable internet.- Wireless access solutions are the only options they've been given (cellular or satellite).- Contrary to cellular coverage maps provided by Bell and Rogers, adequate signal cannot be maintained for a high speed connection over the air. Hilly geography, lots of rock.- Providers will happily set up a modem/equipment and charge for service, but then do nothing to resolve or eliminate connection issues. - Charges are $80+ per month for well less than 10GB for "home internet" (yet this is essentially the same price gouging offered to a smartphone user - a secondary source of internet for many people - but as the only connection option and poor speeds and unreliable connections) - Local satellite service while slightly more affordable and reliable (in good weather only), but latency is too poor (>700ms) to be used for real-time communications (eg VoIP/Skype) or streaming (Netflix/YouTube) and throughput, their fastest option, is less than 3 Mbps, though advertised at much higher speeds. - The reach of wired internet access should be extended to the distances permitted by modern technology. - Wireless should not be permitted as a primary access solution (replacing wired connectivity) in this area or if wireless is truly the only available technology then it should be made more affordable to those who MUST rely on it as a primary internet connection. - It's acceptable that speeds might be reduced in rural areas, but service cost and data usage limits should be more closely aligned to wired connectivity options (say < $75 for 60-100GB)